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10 tips to spice up his Valentine’s Day

10 tips to spice up his Valentine’s Day

The basic notion that it is always the male counterpart who has to initiate things with a female is outdated. In the world that’s progressing at the rate of 100 mbps, females are no more shy. They’ve let go of their inhibitions and go ahead to make the first move.

This brings us to the fact that if you are a female and wish to pamper your fiancé or husband this Valentine’s Day and are waiting for your crush to respond, then my dear, you’ve definitely landed yourself on the correct page. Wait no more, heat things up because you are a MODERN WOMANIYA, the one who’s confident and pretty at the same time.

This Valentine’s Day, La Intimo Premium Intimate Wear comes out with a guide for you, shelling out tips on how to make this V-day, one of the memorable one:

  1. Relive the first time

We all know what special place the firsts tend to hold in our lives. Plan something around your firsts. Visit the place where you went out on a first date, initiate how your first make-out session began. This Valentines, go ahead, make your man feel special, re-live your fist date, first kiss, first touch, first, you know what we mean.

  1. Have a private fashion show

La Intimo to your rescue. Browse through our website and shop for the kinkiest, cutest and most erotic of stuff. Host a fashion show of your own. Buy something for yourself, buy something for him. Trust us, he’d be completely drooling over your idea.

  1. Go ice skating

Its winters, spend some time with him. Go ice-skating! Follow this up with a hot cocoa drink. Hop inside the car and go on a long drive. End the date on a cosy note.

  1. Pokey poker

How about a quick strip tease? Play strip poker together and experience how one thing leads to another. Again, don’t you forget to raid *Wink*

  1. Turn on the naughty volume up

During the day, send naughty voice notes or texts to him, may be talking about how you want the night to unfold. Don’t hesitate for its definitely going to strike all the right chords. We assure that he’s going to go GAGA over this.

  1. Truth or dare

Playing truth or dare has always been a good idea. As children, we played it among friends to uncover the secret crushes. Fast forward to now, you can now resort to ‘truth or dare’ and get the darkest of your fantasies fulfilled. Can it get any better?

  1. Hide and Seek

So when he comes back from work, hide some number of hints for him all across your home. These could be some toys and other kinky stuff that point out to just one thing: A hot hot session! A sexy surprise, guaranteed!

  1. Become his masseus!

As we grow up, life tends to get tough. But no more! This V-day, give him the hottest massage ever or may be ask him to give you one! Things tend to steam up when you’re really having a good time. Light some candles in the room, go on to his erogenous zones. Sensual, indulgent and relaxing at the same time!

  1. Shower some love on him

So, when we say shower, we really mean it. Can Valentine’s morning get any better?

  1. Chocolate Body Paint

We’re sure that this one is a straight winner when it comes to steaming things up. Say things that you’ve long been wanting to say with chocolate. This one’s sure to add fun and passion in your relationship.


So ladies, go ahead, drop that shy image and TAKE THE CHARGE this Valentine’s Day! Try one, two or may be all the tips mentioned above. Well yes they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”


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