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Which one do you prefer to wear comfortably, boxer or brief? Well, both of them are evenly comfortable and breathable to stay refresh all day long!

According to a survey result, there is a 34% increase in men’s underwear prices and the sole reason behind this increase in prices is because of the newcomer i.e. TRUNKS. In men’s underwear category, trunks yield to increase in the prices up to 44% over the years.

Trunks, by definition, is a term that’s a composite of Boxer brief and briefs having an appropriate length, sportive look and most significantly, flexibility to pair it with trousers as well as skinny jeans smoothly. Further, trunks are immensely versatile as they can easily be worn while playing moderate sports and along with party or casual wear.

Apart from the popularity of briefs or boxer briefs, the trunk has become popular under the men’s underwear category due to its combination of amazing functionality and of course, its great fusion. The trunks offer the best combination of briefs as well as boxers along with the benefit of slimmer and muscular legs and thighs.

Trunks are an all-time favourite in men’s innerwear category because it perfectly fits on your waistline, provides comfort and the right amount of flexibility to the wearer. The distinct varieties available in trunks for men make it a comfortable and a luxurious innerwear that’s a snug fit but not too tight.

Let’s have a look at a diverse range of trunks that La Intimo offers to its customers in naughty and unique patterns!

#Hot Hunk Trunk

With Basics logo imprinted on it, this hot hunk trunk is the one for you to embody your inner macho man. This super comfortable, flexible and luxurious trunk has a rubber-free elastic waistband, which is gentle on your skin and doesn’t even leave marks on your body, specifically waistline. Made with the 100% cotton fabric material, this hot hunk trunk is available in several colour variants including, black, grey, navy blue, steel grey and white.

#Greek Trunk

This is one of the premium and exotic trunks designs that set the style statement look. The prominent highlighting feature of this Greek trunk is its unique cut in tandem with the pressure buttons on the sides. Made with the amalgam of 94% cotton and 6% spandex, this trunk has a perfect blend of comfort, style and most importantly, breathable factor. To give a sensual and intimate touch to your underwear collection, get this Greek trunk in five distinct colour options i.e. blue, black, red, yellow and white.

#Zipper Trunk

Here is another zipper style trunk, which has YKK zipper in front and additional drawstrings that makes this one a super stylish and unique in men’s innerwear collection. The highlighting feature of this zipper trunk is its zip that’s absolutely free from lead, nickel and iron. Made from the composition of 94% cotton and 6% spandex, the fabric material of this zipper trunk is gentle on your skin i.e. evenly comfortable and breathable to wear all day long.

#Sauve Love Trunk

Sauve love trunk is what you should own this time to rock that gentleman-ly look! This is designer trunk underwear, which is adorned with a bow and buttons in the front. The soft and smooth elastic waistband and ultimate coverage of this Sauve Love trunk is what makes it a designer and a comfortable piece of underwear for men. Made with the blend of cotton, modal and spandex, Sauve Love trunk is an ideal choice for men to add this into their intimate wear collection.

The list of trunks hasn’t stopped here yet! There is a lot more to explore and buy from La Intimo’s diverse range of trunks collection; be it basic or premium.

Latch onto the premium as well as basic collection of men’s underwear, not just briefs and boxers, but trunks too for absolute comfort and flexibility.


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