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7 Most Asked Questions about Underwear

7 Most Asked Questions about Underwear

Do you feel comfortable talking about your underwear issues with anyone? Or, do you have any
questions about your underwear?
Undeniably, intimate wear is worn daily and quite expectedly, there must have been some questions
lurking in your mind to ask; be it related to comfort, fabric, quality or durability!
Even if you are embarrassed to ask such questions, then here we have listed 7 most frequently asked
questions about underwear in conjunction with their reliable answers you have been yearning to get
Have a look at them below!

1. Which underwear style is the most comfortable one?
Well, there is no specific great style because everyone has their own choice! Nevertheless, boxer
briefs are considered as one of the best underwear styles because of the comfort and breathable
factors. To maintain the temperature of the scrotal area, either boxer briefs are great. From full
coverage, utmost comfort to wear it every day at workout sessions, boxer briefs in distinct styles,
funky or sober prints and eye-grabbing colour fusions is definitely worth the price.

2. How often underwear should be washed?
Taking care of intimate hygiene is essential to not to let breed any bacteria near the scrotum. And
for that, it is essential to wash the underwear every day to wipe out unwanted bacteria’s. Now, for
those who do rigorous workout sessions, it becomes even more important to wash their underpants
daily, which is incredibly vital for intimate health.

3. How many pair should a man own in underpants?
It is believed that a man should own at least 20 pairs of underwear, which sensibly covers the three
weeks easily. If you don’t have enough space to stock your intimate closet with 30 pairs, then at
least 14 should be there; a pair for each day. Furthermore, if you are an active sportsperson or you
indulge in strenuous workout sessions, then you must have an extra pair of underpants.

4. Which fabric material is mostly preferred in underwear?
Choosing the right underwear alongside fabric material is definitely one of the challenging aspects.
In men’s underwear, there are different fabric materials available including cotton spandex,
polyester spandex, nylon spandex, cotton modal spandex and micro modal. Every fabric material has
its own qualities, special features or properties that provide comfort and breathability to the wearer.
Now, one of the most preferred fabric material in men’s underwear is cotton spandex; comfortable,
breathable, gentle on the skin and has elastane that provides quality stretch.

5. When exactly a man should replace his underwear?
Once your underwear becomes saggy and the colour starts fading, then it’s the right time to replace your underwear. Also, the elastic of the waistband becomes loose and doesn’t fits properly on your waistline, then discarding it in the bin should be preferred to maintain your intimate hygiene. Ragged or shabby innerwear can terribly affect your intimate hygiene leading to infections and allergies.

6. Which colour is mostly preferred in underwear?
While searching out for the best pair of underwear, it is advisable to explore the different range and varieties including the distinct colour options. Every individual has their choice in colour when it comes to underwear, but the best and an ideal one is black, white and grey as they can be worn with any attire. Now, aren’t you bored or tired of wearing those basic colours in your underwear? The intimate wear brands nowadays are coming up with the vibrant and offbeat colours that you can prefer to add into your intimate wardrobe collection.

7. How to prevent Jock Itch?
Jock itch is one of the common problems that occur near the groin area leading to irritation, rashes
and redness. Jock Itch can happen due to skin rubbing, moisture and other bacterial infection. To
prevent the jock itch, one of the crucial steps is to choose your underwear wisely i.e. the fabric
material should be in an amalgamation of cotton and spandex, the waistband should be soft, smooth
and comfortable to wear. Then the pouch of the underwear should be levelled and provide comfort
and space to breathe. It is advised to avoid snug fit underwear that rubs with your crotch skin and
pick a moisture-wicking innerwear to prevent jock itch.

Lastly, we hope that all the important questions are covered in the blog. If you have any questions
regarding the men’s underwear or related issues, then feel free to drop your question in the
comment box.


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