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8 food items you need to bring to your bed NOW!

8 food items you need to bring to your bed NOW!

La Intimo, Premium Intimate Wears brings for you some sex hacks, the best part about sex hacks being that everyone has them. So, when you have them, why not utilize some of your time bringing them into action.

If you wish to add some sizzle in your intimate life then food can definitely set the right mood. Here’s a list of 8 eatables that are sure to ring in some yummy times-

  1. Chocolate sauce/Melted chocolate

To make one such list and not include chocolate sauce in the same would be an offence. Molten chocolate is number one item that erupts in the mind when one talks about food sex. Things are sure to get pretty wild in this session for sure. Though it is advised to take a shower before you guys indulge into this steamy session. No wonder, you’d be needing a shower post the session too. But, it’s definitely gonna be fun.

  1. Honey

Honey, for the times you’re Horny: one really good idea! Honey is an aphrodisiac. Much like chocolate sauce, honey’s also sure to bring in some sweet, sugary times along. Squeeze the bottle and then squeeze your partner.  

  1. Mango

One simply does not underestimate the value of this tropical fruit. Get started on some Aamasutra times and relish the delight of mango multiply ten times when you taste it from your partner’s skin. You’ll end up staining your bed sheets but so what, the fun’s gonna be immense too.  

  1. Whiped cream and Strawberries

Whipped topping isn’t just for sundaes for whipped cream along with strawberries are sure to be best companions to your foreplay. Strawberries add to your session the sensuality of the mango without making it messy, not to miss how the way strawberries smell divine.

  1. Cucumbers

Yes, a cucumber because you know what to do with it *Wink*

  1. Ice creams

Much like chocolate syrup and honey, a lil ice cream can ice up the heat and surely just one scoop is not enough. Turn on your sweet tooth and lick it all of them. What’s even more exciting is that you can go experimental with your favorite flavor. Put it on your partner’s neck, back, nipples and let the erotic times begin.

  1. Ice

Let the summer times cool down with an icey affair. Rub an ice cube on your partner’s body parts and cool down before you make things hot. Get your sex life on the rocks, quite literally.

  1. Virgin coconut oil

Turn on the masseuse/massage therapist in you and feel the oil light things up one after the other. Not only would that feel fantastic but also end up moisturizing your skin.


Tell us what foods do you prefer in your intimate times?


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