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Boo! Halloween is again here with the thrilling vibes. Everyone is finding the right outfit for themselves, but are you prepared with the right outfit? No? This year, do something unusual and transform your underwear into your Halloween costume. Yes! You heard it right. You can wear mens underwear for Halloween and look unbelievable in it. It may not possible to carry it outside your home, but when you will wear it at your home, your partner will definitely admire its naughty style.


Here are 7 mens underwear offered by La Intimo that will merge well with the Halloween theme:

1. Sauve Love Trunks: 

Buttons and Bow on a men’s underwear? Why Not! For Halloween, give a gentlemanly makeover to your underwear collection. Sauve Love Trunk is a designer piece that gives you the ultimate coverage and all-day comfort. It will help you to express your charm, confidence and elegance on All Saint’s Eve.

2. Lush Life:

Lush Life bikini underwear comes in a unique colour and with designer print. It helps in personifying your macho look. The Logoed waistband and breathable fabric will maintain your comfort. As Halloween is all about rareness, wearing this underwear will help you to look different than normal. 

3. Button Glutton:

Button Glutton underwear comes with a contemporary button design in the front and full coverage look at the back. It is unique, comfortable and oomph up your style quotient. So this Halloween, get something exotic and un-button your glutton! 

4. Zipper Jockstrap: 

Do you know you can get a zipper and tying effect in single underwear? Yes! The Zipper Jockstrap has all the vibes that you want in your funky underwear. It is designed using YKK zippers, which are free from copper, nickel and lead. Also, the least coverage effect from its back will help you to maintain sexiness. This underwear will create excitement in your life. 

5. Game 69 Men Boxers: 

Game 69 men boxers are all about boldness, comfort and sassiness. It can be a perfect Halloween costume for you because of its attractive and contemporary vibes. These come with the side and back pockets, so it’s not wrong to call this boxer underwear functional.  

6. Lace Trunk:

 Lace is for everyone! So this Halloween, get yourself a Lace Trunk and enjoy its sophisticated and delicate look. This underwear for men is designed using the same fabric and provides you proper coverage. Its overall embroidery stretch lace look will blow your mind. You can try this underwear for perfect fit, comfort and sizzling vibes. 

7. Triple Lace G String: 

This Halloween, get yourself a sizzling makeover with the help of super-hot lace G String underwear. It has the least coverage look because of the lace fabric and three string look. This underwear will help you to spread sassiness.

 The right underwear can light up your wardrobe. And when it’s Halloween, doing something different can definitely leave a funky and playful effect on other’s minds. Even your life partner is going to admire this sassy Halloween makeover. So whether you are on boy’s night out or want to do something special for your partner, a well-fitted, unique and high-quality Halloween underwear will make your life easier.


Happy Halloween!


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