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Flaunt a sexy and masculine look this valentine with these premium ranges of briefs

Flaunt a sexy and masculine look this valentine with these premium ranges of briefs


While the Valentine’s Day is on the corner people tend to mostly go for shopping out essentials for their loved ones and cherish memorable times together. So like others, if you've got any special plans to spark intimacy with your loved one, you can choose to go for a ravishing pair of male lingerie, as these bring on next another level of sexiness to your masculinity.

1. Archaic briefs for comfort and intimacy

To undress quickly while looking complete turn on, you can add on little archaic briefs such as hot male lingerie with stylish looks matching almost everyone’s preferences. Get a total coverage of what you're wearing and flaunt it while being a hunk on your Valentine’s night.

2. Lacy comfy brief

While you’ve only heard, women, getting into lacy outfits while getting naughty, it’s time for you get into the same this valentine. How about bringing in a whole new mood to your fling with the lacy comfy brief. With all the added naughtiness and intimacy, the little thing won't tangle in between your fun and comfort.

Carved with vibrant and lively laces, basiics by La Intimo male lingerie spark a unique sense of attraction without taking an inch of your masculinity. The masterpiece has some of the most unique bikini design while making you comfortable in your own skin. With the ideal style, you're fueling in just the right amounts of sexiness for that sensuous appeal on your first exposure.

 Spark masculinity with Brazilian style bikini

If you’ve glanced on here, you certainly know that designer underwear from La Intimo is among the sexiest option to choose from. Just nothing but this pure bikini for men brings out the complete animal in you with sheer masculinity. Flaunt that package to your partner with this lovely little private occasional brief. Whether you’re on a valentine beach holiday or just laying around comfortably in the bed, this uniquely styled Brazilian men’s bikini will bring out your virility with a manly sense of style and added comfort.

You can surely rely on sexy underwear with its sexy mix of spandex and nylon making it long lasting for many lustful occasions.

Spice things up with Holiday Jock

Being a fan of jocks many lovers are done with the same old jock, so it’s time to introduce something completely new and unique. How about replacing your old jocks with tighter ones from la Intimo male lingerie? The brief has a completely modern look of the same old classic jock.

All the additional room you get from male underwear enhances day lasting comfort with an exaggerated sense of masculinity. The cotton and spandex blend makes the fabric almost comfortable for whatever the occasion you're dealing with. Whether you're looking to make out with your loved one or just want to look good half-naked, we've got it covered for you with the holiday Jock.

Hot trunk basics

Men and trunks have a long history of comfort and good looks. Being the most preferred choice of men, these trunks bring on the best of you with premium comfort adjustments. Whether you want to complement these to your daily routine or just want to look damn sexy on your intimate night. You've got to get these fine-looking basiics male lingerie trunks.

There are countless styles that you can add on to the collection of your male lace lingerie and bikini with plenty of male thongs, laces, male g string, and boxers to choose from. All these are specially crafted to peak your sexuality with a pleasant look and added comfort.


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