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Guide to the 7 ideal fabrics for a man’s underwear

Guide to the 7 ideal fabrics for a man’s underwear

Male innerwear is generally underrated as compared to female innerwear. But, fret not, La Intimo is here. Devised with a basic purpose of making men feel pampered on the inside, La Intimo crafts a variety of undergarments for males.

Dear males, the fabric used in the composition of your innerwear is not much of a concern but the aim of this blog post is to make you aware there exist more options other than the usual cotton and nylon. This blog post is your one stop to making an informed choice. Read on to know what you have been missing out on.

May be you’re looking to try something new, may be you are not very happy with your current underwear, here are 7 fabrics your undergarment could be composed of -


  1. Polyester

One of the most reliable synthetic fiber, Polyester, as a fabric is marked by its strength and resilience. It dries quickly and the best part is that it doesn’t wrinkle. Polyester is created in a laboratory and that is why when it comes to colors, polyester does better than even cotton. Hop inside a polyester composition, and instantly feel light and lovely.


  1. Spandex
Spandex is a synthetic fiber composed from polyurethane. Spandex is an alternative to Latex, for it is comparatively more durable. Spandex is light and resistant to moisture. What differentiates spandex from latex is that latex is tougher version of spandex so if you’re opting innerwear for regular use, then a spandex composition should be your choice and for hardcore activities like gym, a latex composition should be your pick. Spandex is often combined with other fabrics, modal so as to say, to facilitate a tighter fit.


    1. Cotton

    Cotton is the most loved across the world when it comes to fabric. The reason we love cotton clothes so much is that cotton renders a soft and comfortable sensation leaving one feel at ease all day long. Cotton also tops the chart when it comes to breathability. Though, one should try and ditch a cotton composition when working out, for cotton tends to absorb stuff really quickly and you definitely don’t want sweat to be absorbed down there.


    1. Mesh

    Sexy and naughty at the same time, mesh is best friends with ventilation thereby keeping the moisture in check and ensuring odorless privates. This better be your pick during the pricky summers. Mesh as a fabric is both functional and practical.

    1. Lace

    The newest trend on the block in men’s innerwear has to be lace and we’re glad that men, all across the world are embracing the same by shunning those who regard it feminine. Not just sensual, lace facilitates breathability too, all this with a soft, smooth touch.

    If not your pick during the day, lace can pretty much make up for your good night sleep. A study suggests that wearing lace helps one battle stress and feel calmer.


    1. Nylon

    Want that feel of silk but can’t wear silk? Nylon’s here for your rescue. It’s light on the skin and is known for its elasticity. With Nylon, you can be sure of the color not fading. It’s an ideal fabric for both day wear and to be used as active wear. The only point being that you may face absorption issues, not that Nylon doesn’t absorb but it absorbs way too much.


    1. Modal

    Meet the softest material on the block, Modal. If you’re having a tough time with absorption issues of Nylon, then Modal is your go-to option. Lack of support would never be a problem when you don a modal composition.


    Now that you know, hop on to, make an informed choice and splurge on some inner fashion. #InnerFashionGoals ain’t we?

    Which fabric do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!


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