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Humans of La Intimo: 5 people, 1 platform, 1 aim

Humans of La Intimo: 5 people, 1 platform, 1 aim

Humans of La Intimo: 5 people, 1 platform, 1 aim

The second instalment of India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) just concluded and we, the team La Intimo would like to take a moment to celebrate people of La Intimo. In this blog, we talk about humans of La Intimo- 5 lives, that were united by 1 platform i.e. La Intimo and are driven by a single aim, which is to take La Intimo to soaring heights.


  1. Yogesh Mittal, MD, La Intimo


Yogesh Mittal, the owner of La Intimo is an innovator. There’s a difference between a leader and a boss and Yogesh surely, is a leader in every sense.  This entrepreneurial mind always had the courage to see things differently, to go against the crowd and to take a different approach. Not surprisingly, one thing led to another and La Intimo carved a name for itself. Coming up with an idea and turning it into a profitable business is what definition of entrepreneurship goes like, what people don’t realize is that execution tends to be much more difficult.

  1. Neeraj Mittal, Director, La Intimo


Neeraj Mittal, brother of Yogesh Mittal has immense contribution in success of La Intimo. Ask Yogesh and he is quick to add, “I highly credit my success to my family and most importantly to my brother, Neeraj for had it not been him, I would have given up long ago. Neeraj’s faith and guidance has always motivated me to keep working on La Intimo despite constant doubts.”

  1. Varnika Sharma, Designer, La Intimo

Varnika and La Intimo collaborated for IIFW2.0. Varnika is a renowned fashion designer. Having worked with the Future Group and L’Affaire India in the past, Varnika is the woman behind the themes and design of lingeries that La Intimo showcased in IIFW2.0. A hardcore fashion lover, this creative brain always knew that she was meant for the fashion industry. Her love for fashion knows no bounds. "The power to change the looks together with the world around you through your freedom to express creativity is what sets me apart", says Varnika 

  1. Sourav Gupta, Brand Ambassador, La Intimo

Sourav Gupta, now better known as the brand ambassador of La Intimo and best known as an unstoppable soul was the highlight of La Intimo’s fashion sequence at the IIFW2.0. Sourav Gupta is an inspiration for all of us. Sourav has seen a time when he was completely bedridden, but despite difficulties, this champion decided to not give up and chase his dreams. He converted his disability into his special ability. We salute his spirit and couldn’t find a better platform than IIFW2.0 to felicitate Sourav as La Intimo’s inspiration and brand ambassador.

  1. Rajeev Narang, Brand Consultant, La Intimo

Rajeev Narang is the marketing guru behind the success of La Intimo. Rajeev better defines himself as a transformation consultant for people, products and processes. With a vast experience spanning more than 25 years, Rajeev has given various brands the wings to fly on its own. The brainstorming over promotional and marketing strategies, the future direction that the brand should be headed in, the values and the sense of purpose; whatever it be, this man is surely the master of all trades.

All 5 of them along with the team always give their best shot and offer to you the power packed punch called La Intimo.


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