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If this is hot!! Why this is not? - Women's Day

If this is hot!! Why this is not? - Women's Day

Even though gender discrimination is prohibited by law yet gender equality has a long way to go!!  The blocked mind set of people has to evolve beyond the gender.

On the occasion of “Women’s Day” we at La Intimo, specifically talk about the dress code of women folks and the way they are looked upon or judged for the same.

Dress codes can be a fertile source of discrimination in the society.  In the context of dress codes, characteristics of religion, disability and gender can play a relevant role. Also our cultural expectations as to how men dress and how women dress are so biased.

Women are still under represented in our society.  The inclusion and recognition has its limitations.  Gender affects an individual’s lived experience. Women are psyched for socially constructed behaviors, majority of children are made to believe they are different due to their biological differences.    The girls overhear sexiest or lustful comments based on their dressing and appearances.  It is ok, if a man’s underwear is peeping out of his trouser but if a woman’s bra is shown out of her dress, it’s treated as a sin and she would be tagged as a bad woman.

Each year on 8th of March on the occasion of Women’s Day a lot is talked about their equality and the day is celebrated internationally, the real essence of Women’s Day would mean 365 days of gender equality; when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society. 

True celebration would mean the aspirations, needs, feelings, objectives of women and men are equally valued and respected.  Also that the women are free to dress the way they like and are not judged or commented for the same.

It’s time we saw beyond the bra strap or underwear strap, and see human beings for their beauty as just human!


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