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Life lessons from Sourav Gupta

Life lessons from Sourav Gupta

‘Disability is a state of mind’

This blog is dedicated to one soul who proved the above-stated quote right by excelling in his chosen path despite his disability. His name is Sourav Gupta and he is a soul among many others, characterized by his SPECIAL ABILITY OF NEVER GIVING UP.

One fine day, while he was out to enjoy a quick swim with his friends, Sourav met with an unfortunate accident that left him paralyzed below the neck. But, this setback in life didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams of making it big in the world of modelling. He rather decided to convert his disability into his special ability. Here’s what his story teaches us-

  1. Never stop fighting

Each one of us is endowed with the ability to achieve great things, we just need to have the mental strength to get it done.  Do not stop, even when you’re tired, stop only when you’ve made it, fight it out.

  1. Will power

In words of Lao Tzu, “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power”. Strong will power and dedication are 2 majestic traits that are far more important than a strong body. When you believe in your goal and your hard work, even circumstances take your side.

  1. Life isn’t easy

Someone once said, “Life is neither always a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns, it’s a bed of roses filled with thorns.”

  1. Physical disability is not equal to mental disability

The human mind is a powerhouse of possibilities. Once you make your mind to get something done, resolve to never look back.

  1. Patience can get you through anything

Patience is virtue. Patience is not solely about waiting but it is about your attitude during the time when your life tests you and makes you wait. Generally, for certain things to reach you, a certain amount of time is required, what if that time is little longer than usual? Trust the timing of the universe, always!

  1. Life is short. Embrace everything

Life is short, life is uncertain. One simply doesn’t know what the next day or even next minute might throw up. One just can’t predict that. So, life is short and time is fast, there’s no replay, no rewind, no fast-forward.

  1. Be brave

So when life bogs you down, have the ability to bounce right back up. Be brave, have courage to see difficulties in the eye.

  1. Inspiration is everywhere. Find yours

In your daily life, you’ll come across numerous lives you can draw inspiration from. Keep learning by observing and interacting with them.  Communication and empathy are crucial.


Watch this short story based on Sourav’s life here- Saurav Gupta



Sourav has undoubtedly emerged as a winner and we, at La Intimo proudly boast of Sourav as our brand ambassador. We salute his fighter spirit and respect his talent.

This is the story of Sourav Gupta. Sourav Gupta is La Intimo’s brand ambassador. Sourav Gupta is a fighter. Be like Sourav Gupta!



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