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Lingering lingerie: A lady’s guide to selecting the perfect bra

Lingering lingerie: A lady’s guide to selecting the perfect bra

Lingerie is as important as outer garments, if not more important. Lingerie is intimate, lingerie is emotional. It instills inside, confidence with a dab of sexiness. La intimo brings for you, a list that covers the bra essentials for your inner closet.

The only major consideration is that you’ve to opt for THE RIGHT SIZE. Just like you need the right size of clothing for yourself, something that’s really important is that you need to buy the right size of lingerie. Visit a store, talk to the assistant who can definitely help you out with your size. An ill fitted bra not only makes you uncomfortable, but also spoils your physique in the long run. So the first step is to know your size. Once you know your size, it’s time to get started-


  1. Plunge bra

Wear under: low cut tops, dresses, blouses.

Wonder how ladies carry off those dresses with deep neck cuts? A plunge bra comes to the rescue! Plunge bras are specially designed for you to pull off those low cut clothes without your bra showing. The cups are joined with a thin centre piece, together between the breasts.

So ladies, turn on that bomb shell in you, take the plunge and let it (the cleavage) show in confidence.

  1. Triangle Bra

Wear under: Tees, Deep neck shirts, dresses
Another substitute of a plunge bra, a triangle bra features triangle-shaped cups. Not suitable for fuller busts, triangle bras are mostly non-wired bras. For a petite figure, the triangle bras offer the perfect amount of coverage and support. Featuring narrow bra straps, triangle bras have you feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time.

  1. Sports Bra

Wear under: Sports wear, tees

Sports bras are specially designed to give you the extra support and minimize the breast movement during physical activity. A sports bra is devised keeping in mind its ability to breathe well so as to reduce sweating. Available in a variety of back styles and colors, sports bra ensure you a good range of motion and the ultimate fit.

  1. Push-up Bra

Wear under: Dresses, tops, tees, anything, everything

As the name suggests, a push up bra gives your breasts that little added lift and thereby a fuller look. Glamorous and comfortable at the same time, a push-up bra is your perfect choice for parties or when you’ve to glam things up. Ideal choice when you’re carrying off low cut tops and dresses.

  1. Strapless bra

Wear under: Halter necks, off shoulders, cold shoulders

So, if you’ve always been worried and have always felt that a strapless bra is not your thing, then let us come to your rescue because that’s a myth. The reality in fact is that you can hop and jump and do anything and everything with a strapless bra on, provided you’ve picked up the right size, right cup size, right band size.

Now that you know what looks best under what, go ahead and raid Choose among a range of options and fill up your wardrobes. May be that is why, God blessed ladies with curves!


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