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Oh Womaniya! La Intimo Women’s Week gave us a sneak peek into #TheSuperWomenLife

Oh Womaniya! La Intimo Women’s Week gave us a sneak peek into #TheSuperWomenLife

Oh Womaniya! La Intimo Women’s Week gave us a sneak peek into #TheSuperWomenLife

A doting daughter, a caring mother, a loving life partner, a kind sister, a competent colleague and a wide range of several other roles; women don several hats during their lifetime. Blessed with the power to nurture, create and transform; women form an extremely important segment of our society.

Women’s day just went by and in the wake of such fast-moving times, the true essence of celebrating women’s day lies in identifying the power and rights of women and giving them the stature they rightly deserve. Their enormous contribution in all fields is noteworthy. Infused with aspirations, abilities, qualities; women are an important instrument of social change.

The epitome of selfless love, care and affection; women are flawless beings bestowed with skill, confidence and grace. We at La Intimo, always believe in taking things to the next level. We’ve always devised ways to boo the taboo that our society has confined the individuals to. Therefore, this women’s day, i.e. March 8, 2017; we launched a week-long campaign where we asked people to come ahead and support the cause of women empowerment using #TheSuperWomenLife. The response that we received overwhelmed us. Here are some of the beautiful faces that graced #TheSuperWomenLife with their posts.


Here’s acknowledging all of yours contributions. Thank you for decorating our social media feeds with your gleaming smiles. Team La Intimo salutes the beauty of your mind, the beauty of your heart and the beauty of your soul.

It’s high time that the society realizes that women are not the edge of the reason, they’re the reason itself. They’re not a car’s stepney but all its four tires, in other words the driving force whose contribution is often overlooked. Let women build their own #TheSuperwomenLife.



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