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Reasons why every man should own a Jockstrap

Reasons why every man should own a Jockstrap


Below the belt fashion has always been a trend topic. Talking of under-pant trends and not mention the king of all exotic underwears- a jockstrap would be a crime, a wicked one. Looking to heat up an intimate session? Looking for ways to get rid of extra fabric onto the skin during the hot summer days? Looking for an ideal support for your manhood? Jockstrap is what you’re precisely looking for!

If your last memory/experience with a jockstrap is not a fond one, then let us, La Intimo help you by telling you that Jockstraps have evolved. They’re not what they used to be. Everything from fabric to the build has changed. Jockstraps are no more just weakly knitted piece of clothing, they’ve gone all glam and transformed into all-alluring yet comfortable woven pieces of undergarments.

Not a jockstrap person? Read on to know why it’s time to join the bandwagon-


  1. Less is More

A Jockstrap is specially devised to give a ‘less is more’ appeal to your bottoms. The accurate amount of show coupled with just the accurate amount of coverage makes jockstraps an ideal pick.

  1. Multipurpose

The support that a jockstrap gives to your genital is ideal. Therefore, to opt a jockstrap when you’re heading to a gym or when you’re just chilling at home or heading for a good night sleep is equally consummate. Therefore, one jockstrap, numerous purposes!

  1. Comfortable

Never ever doubt the scale of comfort one experiences when he hops inside a jockstrap. Something that’s got no match, trust us when we say that.

  1. Keeps your manhood upright and locked

Jockstraps work well to suppress excessive motion at the genitals and are, thereby your go-to clothing option underneath.

  1. The best support

Jockstraps give your penis the well needed support. They work well to accentuate your assets and simultaneously give you that seamless look.

  1. Style and stuff

Type in in your search tab and you’d be spoilt for choices amidst various styles that we have on offer.

  1. For both foreplay and roleplay

If you’re looking for something to heat up your foreplay sessions, then a jockstrap is something you’ve really got to try your butt on (pun intended).

  1. Sex appeal

Enhance your sex appeal, enhance your confidence; that’s jockstrap for you.


One thing is for sure, the jockstrap fashion is here to stay. Shop online at


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