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Reasons why you need to indulge in new intimate wardrobe this festive season

Reasons why you need to indulge in new intimate wardrobe this festive season


‘Dil laegyi kudi Gujarat di, dil laegyi kudi.. oye hoye!!’ God knows how many times we all have grooved on the tunes of this song. Well Gujaratis are among the most adorable creatures the mankind has been blessed with. With culture and language that sounds like all love and fun, Gujjus are undoubtedly full of ‘Jalsa ane Masti.’


What this blog talks about is not a new fact but it’s the case of restating the old one. Come Navratri and things tend to boom, quite literally! Reports and statistics from the previous years are a proof of the fact that the sale of both condoms and contraceptives goes up by 50% in Gujarat and at least by 25% across the country and hence, it’s definitely not surprising that condom companies indulge in promotions like maniacs.


Garba nights tend to be the mecca of fun times for youngsters who’re looking forward to celebrations and fireworks (pun intended). Not just this, in Gujarat volunteers are deployed at Dandiya night events for the sole purpose of promoting safe sex. So basically, for the youth, Navratri seems like an ideal time to break moral barriers. Bright outfits and all things aesthetic contribute to the increased sales of condoms and contraceptives that have prevailed for almost a decade now during the festive season.


While we are at it, imagine being all dolled up/manned up on the outside but you know what they say about being beautiful both on the outside and the inside, the same applies for appearances. Here are the reasons why you need to update your innerwear wardrobe-


  1. Fun awaits you- Read paragraph 2 again!!
  2. Deals so handsome, they definitely shouldn’t be missed- Get, Set, SALE!!
  3. The best of inner fashion on offer- For both you and your partner.


Opt for La Intimo and seal some real good deals this festive season. The La Intimo festive sale, which is valid on selected intimate apparels for both males and females is now LIVE on Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits you-


Men Collection- 

1. Cotton Comfy Thong

2. Real Feel G-String

3. Mesh Pocket Pouch


Women Collection-

1. Front Zipper Bra

2. Max Soft Panty

3. Tough Girl Bra


Deals so handsome, they definitely shouldn’t be missed. Check out more intimate styles on sale on Set to slay, are you?


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