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Sexy and Lacey: Times for which you should opt for lace inner-wear

Sexy and Lacey: Times for which you should opt for lace inner-wear

They say, nothing reveals a woman better than the innerwear she chooses for herself. We say, regardless of your gender, your choice of innerwear reveals a lot about you.

The lingerie options that are available out there are massive! Yes, massive is the word. Trendy bras and panties, babydolls, teddies, g-strings, as well as co-ordinated nightwear sets for both the partners; everything is being designed. From demure elegance to erotic appeal, we surely live in the times of experimentation with the choice of picking up whatever you feel the sexiest in lying in your own hands.

So, before you head out and indulge in fun times, La Intimo suggests you a thing: TRY LACE. Lace, as a fabric comes studded with a very captivating charm. La Intimo has crafted lacy intimate wear for males too. Saywhaaaa? Yes, you read that right! Here’s shelling out tips on how to rock your lacey affairs-


  1. Wedding

One’s wedding is that time of his life when one indulges into shopping like a maniac, and why not? It is, after all, that time which you wait. One very important aspect of the shaadi shopping is ‘shopping for innerwears’. And therefore, when you know that times ahead are all hot and sizzling then, why not opt for lace? Women wearing lace is passé for what’s HOT on offer is males donning lace. Jocks, G strings, thongs; lace is already on a high this season

  1. Hook up

Met somebody on a date and your mind foresees a hookup? Surprise her with something she may had not seen a man in before, a lace undergarment! Oomph up the heat, like a boss, of course!

And ladies, uh! You need not be told anything. Everyone knows who the real boss is!

  1. Honeymoon

Alone times definitely weave the best stories. If yours is an arrange marriage, then your honeymoon is probably the first time when both of you would be spending some alone time. Well, you owe it to yourself to bring out your deeply personal and romantic side of you. No wonder things are pretty sure to step on to the next level. That is when lace steps in the picture! We know you know what we mean. *Wink* 

  1. Daily

So what if you’re a man? That definitely does not steal away your right to feel pampered on the inside.

Therefore, head straight to and splurge on some really good, lacey stuff for you and your man, ladies!!!


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