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What to add your Men’s lingerie Wardrobe this Valentines

What to add your Men’s lingerie Wardrobe this Valentines

Wearing male lingerie on the most intimate occasion of the season, i.e. the Valentine’s Day, can either make you appear creepy or just too damn sexy! There’s a fine line between showing up sexy or just being trashy. Some cheap lingerie wardrobe options might not be close to romantic while others will certainly twist tongues. The Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to try a whole lot of things with your better half. But at first this might appear a little bit weird at the very first but later, you are surely going to dive in waves of ecstasy and pure pleasure.

For many people, the occasion would certainly mean flowers, chocolates, and oversized bears, while for other's it's to be just more desirable on the bed covered in sexy male underwear. While you might think of getting those heart-shaped wares as of course, with the closer onset of Valentine's Day. It's time to just give up this idea and sport up something completely new and unexpected from the fabulous La Intimo Male Lingerie collection.

When someone thinks of a lingerie people instantly assume it to be for a woman. However, there have been a lot of changes in trends with a considerable increase in male lace lingerie apparels. With the upcoming season, men are also becoming more fashionable than before and sport attractive wear from inside to out. 

Designer underwear collection from La Intimo introduces a plethora of options for men to flaunt on the sexy occasion of valentines. Irrespective of what shape you’re in, there are plenty of choices and when these are appropriately matched, you have that sexy manly in you.

So, what exactly is your fit for the occasion? Here we’re going to list different basiics by La Intimo male lingerie offerings that make as fine products for different occasions. Be it valentines or any other romantic occasion, these briefs promise you a total macho appearance with a fine touch of the X-factor.

G-Strings – If your search for the sexiest undergarments isn’t met yet, then it’s time for you to try out the attractive range of male G-string from La intimo as this showcase a fine blend of comfort with sheer sexiness. Whether you’re in the best possible shape or not so fit, you can try out both thick and thin G-strings that fit well to almost everyone. Over-sized people get a thinner look while putting these on. So, this is a definite try on that special night for that special look.

Thongs The list wouldn’t be complete without a sexy male thong, which is just perfect to drastically alter the appearance of your body and give it a manly side. With consistent inclining demand, these have gained a lot of popularity among men. And when it comes to the delightful occasion of valentines, it’s hard to find these little styling options.

Male Lingerie - Almost everyone who tried this outfit has felt a heightened sense of masculinity with dominance. To complement this basiics male lingerie to your special night you can try beach themed briefs as these are in trend. These have enjoyed a lot of positive attention with their superior looks and comfortable sizes.

Silk underwear – These undergarments are considered among the most expensive ones as the hot male lingerie fits well for both obese and fit people alike. These are available in several designs and color.

Novelty underwear – The lingerie design has a year wide high demand as it mostly encourages male users to shop for a charismatic and sexy look. These sexy underwear lingeries are based on different themes such as sexy cops or Tarzan of the Jungle. Added comfort makes is a recommended product for your special valentine’s night.


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