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Beach Mania Bra

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Features and Design – The Beach Mania Bra for women is designed and manufactured with premium fabric, which remains gentle against your skin. Moreover, it’s absolutely hygienic to wear fits perfectly on your body. This Bikini Bra from La Intimo has a contemporary design and style. It has the halter design with the tying effect at the back. The Ring effect at the back adds some attractiveness to this bra. Because of the padded
cups and elastic band at the end will help you to get the proper fit. You will enjoy the sassiness and feminine look of this bra. The Overall triangular design at the back maintains the style as well provide the proper fit. The overall look of this bra is quite edgy and feminine. Every women should have it in their bra collection.

Fabric- Manufactured with Polyester Spandex fabric material (Polyester94% and Spandex 6%), this Beach Mania Bra for women is perfect in every sense. Designed with the luxurious fabric material, Polyester provides comfort, retains its shape and is perfectly body-fitted. The spandex fabric material is used to provide enough stretch to wear it comfortably and smoothly.

Quality – The Beach Mania Bra for women is made with the irresistibly stretchable fabric material, which guarantees the perfect fit along with special padded cups.

Size – This super stylish Women’s Beach Mania Bra is available in every size i.e. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Moreover, you will get the benefit of exceptional colour choices in this bra.

La Intimo, the first-ever premium intimate wear brand for men that started with an aim to render stylish and distinguishing styles and designs. For men’s and women’s unique collection of underwear, La Intimo is always one step ahead.

 Ladies, whenever you shop for the Bikini bra, what all features you look for? Maybe something that can be worn comfortably, gentle and smooth and of course, stunning in design and style to wear at the beach. Well, this Beach Mania Bra from La Intimo is all you need to sway everyone. The perfect blend of style and comfort make this bra a great choice for all the ladies.
Made with the composition of polyester and spandex fabric material, the Beach Mania Bra is absolutely comfortable to wear anytime. The front full-coverage design gives you the proper fit and this is because of padded cups and fitted elastic band. The Halterneck design helps this bra to get proper beachy vibes. The Tying effect at the back will help you to get a bow and feminine look at the
back. Even the Ring will help you to get an effective look. The best part about this beachwear is that it doesn’t get damaged after continuous wearing and washes. The overall look of this bikini bra is quite edgy so everyone must have it in their innerwear collection. The prominent plus point is that it’s available in distinguishing colour and size options. There is no need to think too much, simply enhance your wardrobe with this bikini bra.
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