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Mania Craze Bodycon Dress

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 1,999.00

La Intimo Women's Azure Azure Blue Mania Craze Bodycon Dress The easiest way to adopt to some fitted styling with ease is to begin right here Fabric - Jacquard 1 Composition - Manufactured with 95% polyester and 5%spandex, this Azure Azure Blue Mania Craze Bodycon Dress for women is absolutely a perfect styled fitted wear to buy. The polyester fabric is extremely soft and silkier on the skin. The spandex fabric provides enough stretch to wear the fitted top comfortably. Quality -  Premium quality of fabric is used to manufacture this product. There will be no wear and tear issues. Moreover, the shape and colour of the product retains and lasts longer. Features and Design – When it comes to the features of this Azure Azure Blue Mania Craze Bodycon Dress for women , it is made with the anti-bacterial finish to prevent the body from rashes and irritation. Furthermore, it’s absolutely odour-free and wicks away the moisture from your skin. This dress is designed in a simple manner to make it look classy. Looking for a dress that's snug without digging into your skin to avoid the appearance of a muffin look, just buy this Azure Azure Blue Mania Craze Bodycon Dress. Size - This alluring fitted dress for women is available in every size, from Small, Medium, Large to Extra Large. Go get it one for your wardrobe collection in your favourite must have colour. Colour - The Azure Azure Blue Mania Craze Bodycon Dress for women is available in the most preferred,positive and perfect colour, that’s Azure Azure Blue. BASIICS by La Intimo - First ever premium intimate wear brand for men/women that started with an aim to render stylish and distinguished designs. For men and women’s unique collection of underwear, La Intimo is always one step ahead. The Azure Azure Blue Mnia Craze Bodycon Dress for women is just another elegant and classy fitted wear from La Intimo’s collection. Get this super elegant and hot wear for your wardrobe collection. The combination of comfort, style and breathability makes this fitted wear a perfect buy. The secret of comfort lies here for you to gift yourself for that one elegant look. Not to be missed girls and ladies.
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