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La Intimo BASIICS Body Boost Striped Trunk

Rs. 314.00 Rs. 349.00

Fabric – Manufactured with cotton spandex fabric material (95% cotton and 5% spandex),
the La Intimo Body Boost Striped trunk underwear is specially designed for men. The Striped trunk for
men is made with the fusion of cotton and spandex fabric material.
Quality – While manufacturing the striped trunk, the premium quality of fabric material,
stripe at the sides and waistband are used to render both comfort as well as style.
Features – The simple yet modish body boost striped trunk is crafted in a manner to provide
all-day comfort to the wearer along with the benefit of maintaining the hygiene. It comes
with the white side stripes, front pouch and the seamless side that guarantees the whole
day comfort. Even the elastic waistband is 100% rubber-free.
Care Instructions – While handling the La Intimo body boost striped trunk underwear, follow
certain care instructions to maintain the durability of the product. Avoid dry cleaning,
ironing, bleaching and wringing it. Don’t hang it on the drying wires as it may ruin its shape.
Simply dry it flat in the shades. Just make sure that you go with a normal wash.

La Intimo, the first ever premium intimate wear brand for men that started with an aim to render
stylish and distinguishing styles and designs. For men’s and women’s unique collection of
underwear, La Intimo is always one step ahead.

The body boost striped trunk for men from La Intimo La Intimo collection is super sassy and modish in
style and design. Along with the cotton fabric material, there’s a fusion of stretchy and flexible
spandex fabric material to provide comfort and breathing space to the wearer. Without any sort of
irritation, this premium trunk will perfectly fit and adjust according to your body contour.

While manufacturing the trunks for men, especially such classic pieces, the team at La Intimo
ensures that it’s absolutely hygienic that is anti-bacterial, free from odour and rashes. Even the
stripes used at the side of this trunk underwear adds an edge to it. The best quality rubber-free
elastic makes it better in every sense.

Now, coming to the pouch design, it gives extra bulge, lifting effect and appropriate grip to the
wearer. Not to mention it, there’s extra breathing space to maintain the lower body temperature
the entire day. Delve into the luxuriousness and playful styles of trunks underwear to pamper
yourself this time.

Furthermore, La Intimo’s La Intimo intimate wear collection for trunks are available in exquisite shades,
so choose according to your preference. Besides that, there is every size available in this Body boost
striped trunk whether it’s small, medium or triple large.
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