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Lacy Affair Panty

Rs. 549.00

• Fabric – Manufactured with Nylon Spandex fabric (90% Nylon and 10% Spandex),
Comfortable Lacy Affair Panty for women from La Intimo is an ultra-soft, absorbent and breathable fabric material. The combination of Nylon and spandex fabric material is just perfect to give that soft and smooth touch.
• Quality – This Lacy Affair Panty is made from the superior quality of the fabric and elastic same material strap, which feels amazing even if worn all day long.
• Features – La Intimo’s Lacy Affair Panty is absolutely stunning in design and is amazing to wear. It has a different style of the elastic waistband that makes it different and super soft to wear. It is rubber-free and maintains its shape even after the washing. Featuring sleek black waistband with the different colour sheer fabric makes it look sassy. The overall sheer and floral effect help you to get the feminine vibes.
• Size – This super-hot innerwear can easily be bought without worrying about the size, style or colour. It’s available in every size including the Small, medium, Large and Extra Large. So, add it now in your innerwear wardrobe.

La Intimo, the first-ever premium intimate wear brand for men that started with an aim to render stylish and distinguishing styles and designs. For men’s and women’s unique collection of underwear, La Intimo is always one step ahead.
The La Intimo premium collection of Lacy Affair Panty for women is a must-have. The lightweight nylon and spandex fabric material in tandem with the antimicrobial finish in this comfortable wear Thong as it doesn’t affect the genital health and locks away the intimate odour. Moreover, the insanely comfy and stretchable elastic waistband gives the perfect fit.

The Women’s Lacy Affair Panty are crafted in a manner which gently hugs your skin from the waistline. For a feminine look and perfect fit, it comes with an overall sheer look and black waistband. This Thong-style underwear has a very sleek look and comes with a floral pattern that helps you to feel comfortable and sassy. The sheer and floral pattern helps in maintaining the contemporary look of this underwear. Undeniably, it’s an ideal pick for women who wants to choose something different though durable in their wardrobe.
At La Intimo, you can get the combination of comfort and style, especially in Lacy Affair Beach Panty underwear. For a smooth and a confident fit, you can choose to wear this highly preferable and demanding though feminine Thong. You can pick and choose this panty in distinctive shades and sizes.

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