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Busting common lingerie myths

Busting common lingerie myths

Lingerie and health: Busting common lingerie myths

Lingerie is one very important accessory for a lady. Its equivalent to second skin for it is the first garment that we, the ladies step inside. It not only keeps things balanced but also supports an individual’s confidence.  So when it comes to lingerie, there exist numerous myths that a lady must be clear about. In this blog, La Intimo decides to help you decide if what you’ve often heard is a myth or a fact.


Statement 1: Sleeping in a bra will keep your breasts in shape

Myth/Fact? : MYTH

Though there's nothing wrong if you wear a bra to sleep provided you're comfortable with the same.

It is a misconception that sleeping with a bra on keeps your breasts in shape and thereby, prevents them from sagging. Neither does that stops breasts from growing nor does that causes breast cancer. Wearing a bra to sleep is more a matter of personal choice. There's nothing wrong if you wear a bra to sleep provided you're comfortable with the same. It is advisable to not opt for an underwire bra while sleeping for an uncomfortable bra will only work to disturb your sleep.

The right way to maintain an ideal shape of the bust is to eat healthy and wear the right size of bra on daily basis.


Statement 2: Bras, specially underwire bras cause cancer

Myth/Fact: MYTH

Rumours have it that wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer by blocking from the bottom of the breast the drainage of lymph fluid. But in reality, there’s no link between bras and breast cancer.

According to, “Underwire bras do not cause breast cancer. Only one scientific study has looked at the link between wearing a bra and breast cancer. There was no real difference in risk between women who wore a bra and women who didn’t wear a bra.”


Statement 3: Wearing a bra result in sagging breasts

Myth/Fact: MYTH

The hold and the lift of the bras is meant to prevent sag. If you believe this one, then you’re surely not wearing your true size and that is why your bust appears droopy to you


Statement 4: Rarely does a woman’s bra size changes

Myth/Fact: MYTH

Every different phase of a woman’s life demands a new you. It is not only a human body’s weight that fluctuates from time to time, but also hormonal ups and downs that make changes in breast size a really common phenomenon.  


Statement 5: One shouldn’t wash the bra that often

Myth/Fact: MYTH

A bra must be washed maximum after every second use for sweat and dirt results in a bra losing its elasticity.


Statement 6:  Wear your bra on the tightest hold

Myth/Fact: MYTH

You need not wear your bra on the last hook to get an assurance that this is the perfect fir. The hooks are provided in varying clasps The tightest  one is meant for the time when the bra gets a little old with passage of time and needs a tighter grip, the loosest clasp for the vice-versa.


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