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Chuck Flowers! Heat things up for her this Valentines

Chuck Flowers! Heat things up for her this Valentines


Well, it’s really true. In life, something that’s of utmost importance is LOVE. How true it is that once you get a hand to hold on to, the one that’s never willing to leave it, come what may, you feel like you have the world with you. Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to acknowledge that love.

Women are the epitome of power and strength. They don several hats in their lives from dawn to dusk and go through several testing times. They surely deserve LOVE and RESPECT. This V-day, we appeal to you guys to go the extra mile.

La Intimo Premium Intimate Wear shares with you some tricks to eliminate flowers and bring into her life some excitement-

  1. Bring ‘Fantasies’ into action

Talk to your lady, and mould conversation into a naughty one. Make separate chits and jot down different fantasies on different chits. Collect all the chits in a single bowl. Take out a chit, and then, go with the flow.

  1. Get a room

Married or unmarried, spending the night together, cuddling up, at a new place is always a good idea, provided she’s up for it.

  1. Let’s sext

Text her telling what you want to do to her throughout the day. May be, she’ll also share some of her own fantasies with you. Wait and watch how you people enact the script on your own the same night. Best Valentines, guaranteed!

  1. Shop for her

Surprise her with a sexy lingerie this Valentines. Pick up what you’d like to see her in on and voila. Now just sit back and relax. Oh! How can you relax when you have a sexy lady next to you!! Flatter her curves with La Intimo, the best you can gift her.

  1. Bubble Bath

Get up early in the morning, take the charge of decorating the bathroom with scented candles, rose petals, fill the bath tub with her favorite scent and make her Valentines morning a good morning.

  1. Relive the first time

We all know what special place the firsts tend to hold in our lives and specially women tend to be really emotional about the firsts. Plan something around your firsts. Visit the place where you went out on a first date, initiate how your first make-out session began.

  1. Hide and Seek

Get up a little early this V-day, hide some number of hints for her all across your home. These could be some toys and other kinky stuff that point out to just one thing: A hot session! A sexy surprise, guaranteed!

  1. Become her masseus!

Your lady deserves all the love and care. This V-day, pamper her like never before. Be a masseus, give her the hottest massage ever. Things tend to steam up when you’re really having a good time. Light some candles in the room, go on to her erogenous zones. Sensual, indulgent and relaxing at the same time!

So gentlemen, go ahead, be the man of her fantasy! Pamper and excite her at the same time by following the above stated simple tips. Tell her that your Valentine’s Day to-do list has only one topic to cover: YOU!



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