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G String vs thong: Know the difference

G String vs thong: Know the difference

Undergarments form an integral part of our everyday life for they are like our second skin. Innerwear is the first clothing that we hop into and the last to come off. Not only innerwear gives your body the confidence to rock any garment like a pro but also make sure that your outer garments don’t get damaged due to the body secretions.

No wonder there exist various types of undergarments, many of which seem similar but differ from each other in simple ways. This tends to kicks tart confusion in minds in terms of that particular undergarment’s usage and shape. Two such garments are thongs and G Strings, the two of which seem identical but are, actually different.

In this blog, we clear from your mind, any confusion that you may have in your mind regarding thongs and G-strings, how they differ, how they’re similar.



  1. The design

Both g-string and thongs are very similar in design and this is what tends to cause confusion in the minds thereby making an easy differentiation difficult. Therefore, the primary cause of confusion is the similarity in panty styles and cuts.


  1. Butt exposure

Both g string and thongs leave your butt uncovered or exposed. The central idea behind the minimum butt coverage is to give a no show look or to avoid any visible panty lines on the outside.




  1. The concept

A g-string has a string that goes around your waist and down between the buttocks. The thin string gels well with the outer garment so as to facilitate a no peek-a-boo look. This is what makes the design simple yet functional. The front part of the g-strings is mostly composed of sheer fabric in triangular shape so as to provide coverage to only the important private parts.

A thong as a panty style, as stated above has similar practical qualities of minimizing the panty lines but differs from a g string for thongs don’t come with strings. They generally have thin lace or any thin fabric that goes around the waist and in between the butt area.


  1. The shape

 The horizontal and the vertical joining is usually in the Y shape in thongs whereas in a T shape in a g string. USUALLY! But, with passage of time, V shape, C shape, U shape and many such shapes are available out there. Innovation, they say is the only way to win.





When compared, thongs can be more comforting because they have comparatively more fabric that goes around your waist and down the butt area. Thongs tend to give a nice, soothing effect provided the fabric is of high quality, may be the french lace or super fine silk but when you observe things from the practical point of view, g-strings are better at masking the panty lines under the dresses.


As times changed the practical meaning of these panties is coming to life. Enjoy what you are wearing because the most important thing is what you like and feel comfortable with. Log on to and shop for g strings and thongs for both you and your better half.



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