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How to choose sports bra according to your Comfort?

How to choose sports bra

The Sports bra is all about comfort that helps a woman to work out in a better way. However, when she is choosing the sports bra for herself, she should always focus on the size, shape and activity level.

Nowadays, almost every athlete wears a sports bra but they don’t pay attention on its size. And that’s the reason why they suffer from breast pain and soft tissue damage. Conversely, focusing on it is a necessity and a part of personal care. Also, not only athletes, but every women should add a perfect Sports bra in her lingerie collection. So in this blog, we are going to share a few tips that will help every women to choose the right sports bra for themselves. Have A Look!


How to Select a Sports Bra?     


Support Perfection:  

  • Moisture-wicking Material: The sports bra should be perfect for the specific workout. And for that, you must focus on its moisture-wicking material. It should be breathable and help in maintaining body temperature.
  • Sports Bra Size: The sports bra should fit as perfectly as a normal bra. You should focus on getting the right band size and cup size. Don’t choose it in small, medium, large, etc., sizes as it will not provide you with the proper fit.
  • Adjustable Sports Bra are the ideal choice: The pullover sports bras will not provide the proper fit, therefore, adjustable straps should be preferred. The Stretchable material and inner-outer hooks will make everything better.
  • High-quality Sports bra for better utility: Investing in a high-quality sports bra will help you to get the better support. It will be skin-friendly and last for a longer time. Also, the right choice will prevent you from breast cancer.

    Style is everything:

    • Define the Activity: Every sports bra has its own specialties. Some are perfect for yoga, while a few helps in intense workout. So choose the low-impact bra for lighter workout and high-impact bra for intense workout.
    • Encapsulated or Compression bra: There are two major types of bra: Encapsulated and Compassion bra. The Encapsulated has the separated cups, while Compassion bra has the connected cups. The Encapsulated bra is better for the women with bigger cup size, while the compression bra will provide better support for the women with smaller cup size and who prefer less intense workout.
    • The Style according to your comfort: There are many different styles in sports bras, where the most common ones are racerback, crisscross and a tank top. Out of these three, the racerback will hold your body in the best way and keep your shoulder straight. However, you can choose the style according to your personal choice.
    • Wider straps means a better weight distribution: The wider straps provide better support to women with any Cup size. Better weight distribution will maintain a proper weight distribution. Also, these will provide a better hold and helps you to exercise well. 

      Trying before being sure:

    • Trying after ordering: Once you receive your order for the sports bra, don’t forget to try it. It will help you to be sure about its fit, look and feel.
    • Checking the Cup hold: Your sports bra should perfectly hold your upper body. So whenever you want to buy the sports bra for yourself, always check how your breast fits in each cup. If there is any issue, then get a bigger or smaller size in it.
    • Finger Test: The finger test will help you to know the rightness of your sports bra’s band and strap. So try to put your finger in-between the band and strap and pull it away. If the release cause itchiness, then it’s time to pick a bigger size.


    Features of Sports bra:


    • Band: The band in the sports bra is the primary source to provide comfort. The wideband is preferred against the narrow band as it provides better support. Whenever a woman is choosing a perfect Sports band for herself, she should focus on the proper fit around the rib cage, while maintaining the comfort.
    • Shoulder Straps: The straps of the sports bra should have a minimal stretch, so as to reduce the extra movement. A woman can check it by fitting two fingers between the strap and your shoulder. If your fingers fit perfectly, it means your sports bra is perfect for you.
    • Adjustable Straps: The adjustable straps will help you to set your bra according to your comfort.
    • Cups: The cups of the sports bra should hold your upper body properly. You should keep the comfort in your mind but choose its style accordingly. The no skin spillage means that your bra is in the right size.

    Time to Pick a New Sports Bra:


    Before getting the new sports bra for yourself, always examine your closet. If your sports bra age is more than 12 months and you exercise regularly, it’s the right time to replace it. However, if still it’s hard for you to judge, you can focus on the below-mentioned important signs:

    • The Sports bra’s fabric is losing its shape.
    • It is not offering proper support.
    • The fabric is gathering at the edges and borders.
    • The elastic is losing its springiness.
    • There is a massive difference in your body weight.

    When you know that it’s time to pick a new sports bra, always plan to pick the fitted bra. The wrong size means you are cheating on your support and comfort. Therefore, always stay clear about your measurements. Also, it’s very important to know the sports bra vs normal bra, so that you can know a clear difference. When you’ll know what you need the most, a sports bra or normal bra, the whole selection process becomes very easy.

    At last, it’s not wrong to say that the whole process to pick the best Sports bra depends on your personal choice. You have to define the real need of this work out bra and add it to your Lingerie collection.


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