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Male lingerie? We ain’t kidding!

Male lingerie? We ain’t kidding!

While many people think that lingerie is specifically associated with the ladies, we at La Intimo realize that guys want to look sexy, too. We have on offer, a premium collection of sexy men’s lingerie that will make any man feel like a total stud. From thongs to GStrings to jockstraps, we leave no scope for any shortage there’s no shortage of fun ways to spice up your intimate interactions. Fall in love with hues of colors, sizes and styles to choose from, amp up your look and please your partner at the same time-.

  1. Thongs                                                                             La Intimo Thong Laintimo

Thongs are basically a style of underwear that feature a pouch or sling at the front for the purpose of support. This is connected via another string to the rear of the waistband. One of the best tool to bring out that ‘exotica’ in him. Thongs are available in several styles, cuts and fits. Micro thongs, low rise thongs, enhancing thongs, sheer thongs; go out and explore what arouses the best in you and of course, her. *Wink*

  1. GString

Enticing + Seductive + Comfortable = G Strings

Laintimo G-string La Intimo

A GString gently holds the package yet won't cling or tug. Featuring a tiny pouch with fabric on the lower part and a sheer panel that covers the top of the shaft, a G-String is what a man should slip into when the idea is to entice someone by covering the manhood close and leaving everything else to the show.

  1. Briefs

La Intimo Brief laintimo

Briefs are the most common style of men’s innerwear. Briefs are basically those tight-fitting underwear with an elastic waistband and elastic leg holes. When it comes to support or comfort, briefs are definite to top the list. Well well, if your guy is fan of these, then one thing is for sure, he’ s a classic guy.

  1. Trunk

La Intimo Trunk Laintimo

Whether on the move or on a day off, a good pair of trunks however, can do wonders to your comfort levels. Simply put, a trunk is much like a boxer brief but it has shorter legs. Also, majority of trunks feature a square appearance, it is ideal for everyday usage and moderate sports. Take your pick from longer leg or the classic short leg, there’s a huge range to choose from, with a number of color combinations and stripes out there.

  1. JockStrap

La Intimo Jock Laintimo

The main reason why a jock strap was devised was to protect one’s essential organ from possible injuries. Mainly jockstraps were worn by athletes or sportspeople to avoid possible injuries. With changing times, jockstraps have evolved as an intimate wear genre. Also, if you’re a man and love some cool breeze throughout the day, then go for it. 

  1. Lace

La intimo Lace Laintimo

Because when we talk intimacy, we make sure the expression comes out at the maximum level. Lace is no longer just for women. Even men can reveal a little extra with this see-through fabric. Modern, sexy, see-through, yet masculine. If you have never tried lace on your body; you’re surely missing the lightweight and undoubtedly sexy feeling down there. The luxurious netted material feels soft against the skin and ventilation allows free flow of air, thus, keeping the manhood dry and cozy.

So guys, go ahead, indulge like a Greek God!

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  • Chandi Charan Bharati: September 08, 2018

    These underies are very good looking and comfortable in wearing and using. kindly promote these patterns

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