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Famous Model Rohit Say's - Stand Tall for Your Choice

Famous Model Rohit Say's - Stand Tall for Your Choice


We all have heard about G String and specifically female ones but men’s G String underwear is not a product so commonly discussed about; at the same time people have accepted it with openness. G String underwear can be mentioned as the most revealing styles of men’s underwear.  Whilst, on one hand it may be considered as a taboo and on the other hand it is gaining demand rapidly in the world and that includes Indian market on top!

Who all can wear the G String underwear!!
Anyone who likes to be comfortable in his underwear,
Anyone who likes to flaunt his Gym-toned Body,

G Strings are great for freedom of movement and making a bold statement. The vogue of the G String spreads across all ages and sexes. Although, the man in the G String is mainly popular in certain circles. Eventually, it’s your privates and you get to decide what suits best on it.

The Sexy Men G String Underwear has n number of advantages:

1. Comfortable and Enhancement:

Men might find these pairs to be more comfortable than the rest as there’s less fabric, they’re lightweight and breathable. The construction of the product with minimal fabric on the front and the rear for a show enhances the look of the buttocks.

2. Confidence:

When you’re wearing these, you find yourself secretive which makes you confident and desirable.

Men Lace G string Underwear

3. Sensuality & Sex Appeal:

When talking about setting a mood, there cannot be a better option than being in this revealing underwear. It enhances the sex appeal and sets the tone for intimacy.

Men Lace G string Underwear

4. Prevents underwear lines:

The make of it prevents the underwear lines which are common in other underwear.

5. A feeling of freedom:

The construction of the entire article has minimal fabric to give a sense of freedom to the boy.

Men Lace G string Underwear

One of our famous Model Rohit from the fashion industry is featuring our sensual and sexy product the “Triple Lace G string”, check him out InstagramHe has a statement to make! Standing tall in his confidence wearing the product of his choice is a welcome to all the guys out there to own their orientation with credence!

Men Lace G string Underwear

We are best known for creating products of comfort with a flavor of fashion in mind.  Our Customers are our priorities. Hence, our Dedicated Designers are always coming up with uniqueness in our products that can satisfy your palate.


We at La Intimo respect your choices and are concerned about your privacy.  All orders arrive in discreet packaging. On our return address label -- there is absolutely no mention of lingerie or any indication of what might be inside the package. There's no need to worry about your secret purchases in case you're a shy person.

La Intimo’s bouquet of the product gives a wide range of choice with color, fabric, laces, and designs to keep your craving to buy more and more.
Just a click away   you can own it all.



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