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Summer 2018: Beachwear trends you’ve got to befriend

Summer 2018: Beachwear trends you’ve got to befriend

Summer 2018: Beachwear trends you’ve got to befriend

Sometimes you don't realize how much you've missed something until you get it back, right?? A little sunshine, sand, and sea is enough to make you feeling all the feels. Summers are here and so are summery, springy fashion trends.

 If you want to know what the hottest options will be in and near the water, you’ve landed up at just the right place. Swimwear as a piece of garment is a style statement. A person’s choice of bathing suit reflects his/her personality. And surely, you don’t want your personality to appear outdated. Here’s all that’s trending-



They came, they saw, they stayed. Yes, we’re talking about ruffles better known as frills. Been in trend for a long time now, to everyone’s surprise, ruffles still continue to walk their feminine way up the style charts. So go ahead, turn the chic volume up.



“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot”- Mark Jacobs

We couldn’t be any happier to announce that ‘polka dots’ is a HOT HOT trend this spring season. Streamline the look by pairing it with classy, plain accessories. Get spotty, give a new twist to sexiness.



Summer 2018 is the season of warm hues with nude color taking the lead. Flood your wardrobe with whites, light shades of pink, yellow, blue and you’re all set to rock the trend. The minimalist work, as they say!


  1. BELT IT!

Defined waists have always been an in thing. Lately, not just pants but everything from blazers to long tops to even kurtis, gets an added oomh with the belt style. How do you think can a bikini or a swimsuit be devoid of the belt? A trend you got to befriend!


  1. A NEW VIEW!

Comfort and style is a hard to resist combination, so think about how you’d feel when you’d don that velvet bikini? Much to everyone’s surprise, swimsuits in crochet, velvet and denim are emerging out to be an immensely popular choice this summer. Even leather and lace are ahead in the running.


So girls, go ahead and, make the ‘Summer of 18’ a memorable one!



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