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V String vs Thong : What’s The Difference?

V String Vs Thong Difference

Women usually bother about their outfits and want to look the best in whatever they wear. But do they know their innerwear is as important as their outerwear? The right or wrong underwear can change the way you look and feel in your favourite outfit. That’s the reason why women’s underwear has become much more than a bare essential.

With the changing trends, women’s underwear has gone through a massive makeover and have become a style statement. Out of all, the v string and thong are the most loved ones. Now the question comes, which out of the two is better and what is the difference between them? So in this blog, we are going to solve talk about V String vs Thong.

V String: V string is sassy underwear that has a “V” shape from the back. The fabric covers the front part and continues to go through the butt cheeks and connects to the waistband. It helps you to feel comfortable and less stiff than the G string. It will have a fancy waistband that will provide you with the proper fit.

Thong: Thong is special underwear that is worn by the women to look sexy on a daily basis. It has all the features of the V string, with some difference in the amount of cloth at the back and in the front. Also, it doesn’t come with the string and has a thin but proper waistband. Here, the thin back fabric fits well in between the butt area. It makes the “Y” shape at the back and makes you feel comfortable.

The Thongs and V string are the types of Ladies panties that have minimal panty lines. You can wear them with the tight dresses of fitted white pants. These will help you to get rid of the discomfort that occurs due to rolling up of the underwear’s sides.

It’s hard to decide which is better, a thong or a V string. Therefore, every women must own these both in their innerwear wardrobe.

Reasons to own a V string and thong underwear:

  • No Visible Panty Lines: The thongs and v string underwear are perfect for those who love to wear skin-tight pants or figure-hugging dresses. These styles avoid the visible panty line.
  • Fetch out the Sexiness: The thongs and v string helps in getting no rear coverage look. It brings out the inner sexiness and makes you feel confident.
  • Stays in the Place: The Thong and V string remains at the place and doesn’t ride here and there. It’s just, you have to pick the right size for yourself.
  • Highlight your Natural Shape: The thong and V string will help you to highlight your natural shape, without any extra coverage. It is because of the minimum fabric at the back.
  • Comfort in every season: It is easy to find the perfect underwear for winters, but not for summer. It is not the case with v string and thong as it is super soft in nature and is designed with the minimum fabric.


Final Judgement:

When we compare V string with Thong, the thongs are more comfortable than V strings because they have more fabric around the waist and down the butt area. However, this difference is minor. You can simply pick these underwear’s in the high-quality fabric and feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

Your underwear is all about comfort, confidence and sassiness, and you must get the same feeling from it.


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