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Ways to get rid of vaginal odor

Ways to get rid of vaginal odor

The complaint about vaginal odor is a very common one. It is known to affect women and teenage girls who’ve hit puberty. The vagina, produces a whitish fluid, which is called the vaginal discharge. It tends to differ on consistency and color during the month for it depends on where you are on your monthly menstrual cycle. The discharge generally has a faint odor. It provides lubrication and keeps the vagina healthy. The vagina is usually a self-cleaning organ, all thanks to the vaginal discharge.

La Intimo Premium Intimate Wears shells out some tips for women who’re looking for ways to get rid of the bad boo down under-


  1. Keep it dry

The most important thing is that one should make it a point to keep the vaginal area clean and dry. Therefore, before you hop in your undergarments, make sure that your private parts are dry and not moist.

  1. A healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet, that’s the key to a happy, healthy vagina. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C. This can be your aid when you want to get rid of a bad odor.

  1. Avoid scented body wash

One is advised to avoid scented body washes and soaps, scented soaps tend to irritate your skin. Things will only worsen down there in case you have an infection

  1. Vinegar

The body when soaked in vinegar water (particularly apple cider vinegar) is known to give good results when one is looking to fight vaginal odor. Vinegar does the dual job of killing both the smell and the bacteria on the skin.

  1. Avoid scented wipes

Much like scented body washes, scented wipes and toilet papers should be avoided to be used for direct contact with your vaginal skin. They only add up to the bacteria, thus mixing up with the bad odor and giving out an even gross smell. We’re sure no one wants that.

  1. Baking soda

A tried and tested method of getting rid of vaginal odor is to add baking soda to your bathing water. Not only vaginal odor, this magic potion also helps one get rid of body odor.

  1. Yogurt

Adding yogurt to one’s diet is known to diminish vaginal odor and restore the normal pH of the vagina.


So ladies, GET. SET. BLOOM.


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